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Welcome to VATCAN

MISSION: Our mission is to provide a learning environment for virtual controllers who want to improve their abilities to man different controller positions using a radar client software on the VATSIM network.

VALUES: We value friendship, respect, quality and knowledge.

Join VATCAN and be part of this wonderful learning environment!

Colin Bennett - Director, VATCAN

to our newest student controllers:
Tyson Pardoski - Joe Huntley - Sean Ross - Cole Lazaruk - Adam Roda
Congratulations to our latest NTU Graduates!
Graham Curnew new FIR CZQM (Thanks to Instructor/Mentor - Marc Wheeler)
Thomas Costello new FIR CZYZ (Thanks to Instructor/Mentor - Rob Nabieszko)
Chris Blagg new FIR CZYZ (Thanks to Instructor/Mentor - Shahab Seyedi)
Michael Shamash new FIR CZYZ (Thanks to Instructor/Mentor - Shahab Seyedi)
Fernando Cardoso new FIR CZYZ (Thanks to Instructor/Mentor - Gary Feddema)
Upcoming NTU TWR OTSs:

Upcoming FIR OTSs:

Eldon Wilson - Director of Training, VATCAN

NTU Expansion Airports

Effective Friday, March 01/13 the National Training Unit (NTU) will utilize designated Training Airports in each of the FIRs:
* CZVR - Victoria (CYYJ)
* CZEG - Yellowknife (CYZF)
* CZWG - St. Andrews (CYAV)
* CZYZ - London (CYXU)
* CZUL - Quebec City (CYQB)
* CZQM - Moncton (CYQM).
NTU Mentors/Instructors can Instruct at these airports, just as they have been doing at YXU.
We may need some volunteers to help set-up TWR Trainer files for these locations.

You can help support VATCAN's future by providing traffic when you see student ATC at any of these NTU airports.

Colin Bennett, VATCAN1


Hi All,

Keep track of important announcements and general VATCAN information by following us at Twitter!

@VATCAN is now active.


Tim Barber, VATCAN5 t.barber@vatcan.org
VATCAN Director of Communications